Common Baking Mistakes to Avoid

One mistake and your dish will be ruined. So what should you know about the art of baking if you are a novice baker? Well, one of the most important baking tips is to avoid the common mistake people often make. Yes, to help you with that, here are some common baking mistakes to avoid. Read on!

Baking in a dry cake tray

Bake in a Dry Cake Tray Very often, the effort of greasing a cake tray can feel tiring and of no use, especially if you will be baking your cake in a non-stick pan. However, if you try to skip the step of greasing your pan, you will do so at the risk of making a big mistake with your cake bake. A cake will stick to the sides and especially the corners of your cake tray without any grease. One and all believe that the bronze outer layer of the cake is a wonderful thing, so you definitely do not wish to burn it. So, to avoid the mistake of burning your cake, grease it over the edge of your pan with butter before baking it in the oven.

Over-mixing cake batter

Over-mixing the batter is one the most common baking mistakes all new bakers make. They mix and mix and blend and see all the daydreams lost in their thoughts and the result is a dense and sticky cake! Poor cake! Well, the cake batter mixture is addictive! But you need to stop doing this!

Mixing all the ingredients together

Baking is an art, and precision is required to ensure that your cooked ingredients come outright. It may seem easy to mix all the ingredients of a recipe at once, but you should avoid this serious mistake. When cooking anything, make sure that you mix the ingredients as per one instruction at a time.

Beating Cake Batter Incorrectly

How you whip your batter mix actually makes a difference to your final cake. The uncontrolled beating of the mixture will eventually harden the cake, but again if you undermix the batter, it can spoil your cake. So, beat uniformly and correctly.

Using old Ingredients

If it’s been a while since you haven’t tried a new recipe then you should check to make sure that your baking ingredients are new and not expired. In particular, outdated baking soda and baking powder can be the cause of a catastrophic cake fault. These two leavening agents may lose their power over time and, if used, will result in a cake with no rise. A good rule of thumb is that if you have been in your cupboard for more than 6 months then test your baking soda and baking powder.


Substitutions of Baking Ingredients When it comes to baking cakes, it is not possible to make an ingredient substitution in a recipe and always get the same result. This happens because all ingredients react uniquely during the baking process. Stick to the recipe until you have researched the optional ingredients and you are not ready to experiment with some unexpected results.

Making Your Cake Dome-Shape

When making layered or any decorated cakes, it is necessary that each layer is level and flat. To avoid getting your cake to rise in the centre and in a domed shape during baking, wrap an even-bake strip or moist towel around the edge of your cake pan, which will prevent the top from growing, and give you a smooth levelled cake.

Being impatient

Are you impatient? Okay, if you are going to bake, then you should check your impatience. A lot of recipes include a resting phase for flour. You may be excited to eat that self made cake as soon as possible, but your impatience may ruin the whole thing instead. So, always remember patience is the key. So, this is how you can avoid these mistakes while baking a cake. Just be patient and you will bake the best cake ever.