Proper Etiquette To Wearing Men’s Luxury Watches

How do you wear your watch properly? Don’t you just wrap it around your wrist? Wear it and use it as a timekeeper, and a piece of jewelry that enhances your outfit? Are there rules to wearing a watch? If it is caring for the item, then please elaborate.

The proper etiquette for wearing watches for men is tradition and nothing new. This article may only be a reminder for some of you, but to some of you that are still doubting the tradition, we suggest you continue reading.

Welcome! To anyone who just bought their hard-earned luxury watch, may it be a Rolex, Rado, Omega, Patek Philippe, or TAG Heuer. You deserved it! Also to everyone who already wears a luxury watch, please feel free to enlighten yourself with this list.

Which Watch Is The Watch To Watch

In a wide variety laid out for you by the watch industry, Rolex, Omega, Chopard, Tissot, or Rado, you could never run out of watches for every occasion.

Sport Watches

Do not make the mistake of diving with a non-dive watch. There is just no getting back from that. 

Sports watches are bulkier in form. Serious sports watches wrap your wrist with rubber straps for dedicated active duty. Wear them with your casual look in everyday walks, match them with cool active outerwear.

It is not that we do not like it, but sports watches aren’t just fit for suits for black and tie events. But because of their bulky size, they won’t fit inside your sleeves and sports watch feature hits of bright colors.

Dress Watches

Dress watches are a much cleaner and neat dial design and look with functions like hours, minutes, seconds, and date. This watch exhibits the traditional watch, a simple timekeeper with the least versatility but in the best way.

The bulkier the sports watch, the slimmer the dress watch. These watches are classier with steel bracelets or leather straps. Dress watches are not that heavier than it looks but they are as strong as the materials built with it.

Wear dress watches on special occasions. You might have seen these watches on red carpets or awards nights being carried by your favorite celebrities. Look closely at how they are matched with their suit, which will complete the whole look.

Who Gets To Be The Watch Bearer

It sometimes comes with instinct. When the watch gets in the way of your writing, wrap it in the opposite hand. When you use your right hand more than the left, do not let one hand do all the work.

No one can tell you you are wearing your watch on the wrong side. It is not up to them, and it is not their choice to take. It is your watch we are talking about here!

But, traditionally, it is all about which hand is the dominant hand and wrist. If you have decided which hand is your dominant hand, wear your luxury brand watch on the opposite hand, that is your non-dominant hand.

The Accessory For The Accessory

A plethora of straps is widely available on any watch store online and outlet stores. You can mix and match which strap or bracelet best matches your mood or your outfit. You can easily change a luxury watch into a formal wear watch to a casual look watch.

We have a list of accessory that you may be interested in looking into:

  1. Black Leather Straps

These straps are best for formal wear and use.

  1. Steel Bracelets

Steel bracelets embrace everyday wear, but only in a formal environment.

  1. Brown Leather Straps

Brown leather straps straddle along the line of formal and casual, which is good when switching either way.

  1. NATO Straps

Made in nylon or fabric, patterned in cool colors. Pare down any of your luxury watches with this strap. You only want to make the right impressions at the right time and place.

  1. Rubber Straps

Let rubbers straps be useful. Maximize their design with sports watches.

Watch Out and Remember These

Wear a watch appropriate for the occasion. Use watches for casual days and workdays. And reserve the luxury watches for special and grand occasions.

Remember, dress watches are slim in size, thin and mechanical. With the case made with steel or titanium, the strap usually is leather.

If you are still debating between a leather strap or a metal watchband, well, both are really good for casual wear. And if you are going to formals, leather straps are ideal.

Think into the comfort as well while you wear the watches. There is a reason for categories like casual, sports, and dress wear. The way you use your watch is also caring for the watch itself. Keep these in mind to make your watch last for as long as it can.