Cochlear Implant in Children: Think Beyond Hearing Aids

A cochlear implant is a life-transforming treatment for adults and children with profound hearing loss. Most importantly, it is effective for children born with hearing loss or deafness. Early intervention of hearing loss in children can improve their speech and language development.

Every parent wants the best for their children. A cochlear implant enables children with hearing impairment to reach full hearing potential. Hearing is a process where sound travels through a child’s ears but there is then a brain that interprets sounds that they hear. Providing a child’s brain with the right stimulation they need at an early age can help them restore hearing and then eventually improve their speech, language, and social skills.

Beyond Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an auditory device which amplifies sounds. It is the first choice for children with mild to moderate hearing loss. However, those children who don’t benefit from hearing aids may consider a cochlear implant. Know more about if your child is the right candidate at the cochlear implant clinic in Patna.

Cochlear implants bypass the inner ear sound directly to stimulate the auditory nerve in the brain which provides a child clarity of sound. So that they can hear sounds even in noisy environments.

With a cochlear implant your child could:

  • Develop spoken language early
  • Achieve outcomes that help to connect with peers
  • Estalibs better language skills
  • Attend mainstream education
  • Build confidence
  • Support long term speech and communication capabilities
  • Enhance social skills as they connect with friends

Knowing that your child has hearing loss can be overwhelming for patients. However, parents must identify early signs and get the appropriate treatment. Some parents have been where you are. A newborn hearing screening test is considered to understand if your child has a hearing problem. If your child is suspected of having hearing loss it is important to get the treatment with an audiologist today.

The cochlear implant costs in Delhi are affordable. Several audiologists can help you through the procedure and offer a convenient payment option that suits your budget.

Importance of Early Intervention

Early treatment for your child can help them to improve their hearing and communicate with their peers, thus providing them equal opportunities to excel in life. Getting the treatment at the right age rather than later in life can benefit including laying the foundation to let them develop skills and succeed in school.

The Bottom Line

Don’t let your child’s hearing loss set their life back. Getting the right treatment can help build the confidence they need to lead a quality life. It is essential to consult the right professional to get the best treatment for your child.