Apply These 5 Techniques to Improve Your Business Presentation Folder

If you are reading this you are planning on getting a personalised presentation folder for your business. Maybe you want to improve your current folder.

A presentation folder plays a crucial part in boosting your brand. Along with the contents, the folder itself is a tool for marketing. So here are a few things to keep in mind while designing a presentation folder.

Size matters

The choice between A4 and A5 folder must be made with care. It depends on the size of the printed materials you are planning to hold inside the folder.

If you are planning to use the personalised folder as a corporate tool then A4 presentation folders are the right choice.

Folder printing services offer a variety of customisations for both these common sizes. You could add additional spaces for holding more material.

Opt for an A5 presentation folder if you have very few documents to carry around. These are easy to distribute and are likely to get less damage.

Quality is a Must

As a business, you might want to send proposals, pitches or business reports to other businesses or prospects. Be it customers or possible stakeholders, you want them to feel your company is worthy to spend their time and money on. So sending them a personalised A4 folder will make them feel you are a good professional to work with.

Along with the look the folder must be strong enough to avoid damages in transit. That is why you need to choose a powerful material to print your folder. Going with a heavier stock will improve the sturdiness of the folder and prevent it from folding when someone holds it.

A suitable material will also prevent errors while applying printing. A cheap material will cause the printing ink to bleed from the front cover to the interiors.

Consistency is Key

Make sure all pages of the folder complement each other. The artwork and design must be similar and must suit the layout. Never use multiple layouts inside the folder.

If you are adding custom pockets, make sure they use color that goes along with the entire design. When you have selected an artwork, use the colors in it throughout the folder to keep the flow.

Keeping consistency includes the use of colors and fonts in the print. Make use of fonts from a similar font family to enhance the visual compatibility of the presentation folder. Use big and bold fonts for printing major information like the company policy.

Style and Color

If your requirement is more formal, then use colors and fonts that give a classy look to the personalised presentation folder. Always remember that in formal situations, less is more. The text on the folder must be concise and easy for a person to read.

Never forget to design the pockets. Most people use the artwork and designs on the front cover and omit the interior of the presentation folder.

Most people recommend going for bright colors, which may work for a shop or studio. But when you are going for a high level client interaction or corporate meeting, then it would give out the wrong message. That is why selecting color combinations according to the nature of your business is very crucial for the success of the presentation folder.

Highlight the Key Parts

The logo and company name are the most important elements on the front cover of a presentation folder. Similarly, the contact information has to be printed in a way such that it stands out from the rest of the text on that page.

A common practice is to emboss the logo on the front to attract the attention of the reader. It is the identity of your business, so it needs to be big and bold. Using negative spaces around the logo can be a pleasant alternative to make it pop.

Bonus Points

Adding an extra coating to protect both the folder and its components is advised. Presentation folder printing services can help you with adding an extra layer. These can save damages due to water or even ink bleeding through pages.

In case you are using images for your folder, make sure they are copyright free. You can also purchase images online legally. Make sure the images do not obscure the folder design. The size of the image selected depends on how good it will look on an A4 or A5 folder.

Avoid the left 1/3 of the cover to print logo and text. This is the place where readers will hold the folder. Therefore, always print the elements to the rightmost 2/3 of the folder.

In most cases, the contact information is printed at the back cover towards the bottom. This space needs to be isolated from the rest for the reader to find it easily. Even though you might have a business card inside the folder, you can add the contact information on the folder so that the reader does not need to go online to find a way to reach your business.