Aware Yourself About The Requirements Of AWS Certification Path

Depending on your work preference, you can choose any module of the AWS certification path. Large IT companies like Uber, Amazon recruit people with AWS certifications who work as cloud professionals. 

AWS certification is a certification program arranged by Amazon Web Services to validate your skills and expertise with cloud-based domains.

Why Choose AWS Certification? 

There are various benefits of having an AWS certification from top online institutes. 

  • You will receive digital badges and certificates after the completion of your AWS certification course. This will help you to represent your level of expertise as a cloud professional. 
  • An AWS-certified professional enjoys the benefit of vast career opportunities with better salary prospects compared to others. 
  • With your AWS certification, you will join a community of AWS-certified professionals, where you can exchange innovative thoughts and ideas. 

Structure of AWS Certifications

AWS certification is categorically divided based on professional role-based learning paths such as Cloud Architect, Developer, Cloud Practitioner, and Cloud Operations. This certification is further divided into four levels – Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty or Expert level. 

Although it isn’t mandatory to have training for appearing in these exams, having AWS certification training is strongly recommended. 

Requirements For AWS Certification Path

Based on the role program and different levels of this certification, the requirements for AWS training and certification are discussed below. 

Entry-Level Certification – The AWS Technology Essential Certification

With this certification, you will be introduced to the AWS products, services, and standard solutions to IT or cloud-based issues. This certification is best for people with a non-technical background. 

Prerequisites For This Certification Course

  • If any person already works in an AWS environment, then this certification course will help you to understand the basic concepts and functionality of AWS. 
  • You will learn and acquire knowledge about cloud computing through e-learning websites in this entry-level certification. 
  • You will get the opportunity to learn and practice concepts and commands that AWS professionals perform in real scenarios. 

Aim of This Certification Course

With the help of this course, you will be able to learn various things like:

  • Recognizing the terminology and concepts of AWS platforms.
  • Easy access and navigation to AWS management console. 
  • Understanding the security and safety protocols of AWS. 
  • Using Amazon relational database to launch applications, etc.  

Intermediate Level – System Operator Associate/Developer Associate

Depending on your expertise and preference, you can choose either the role of Systems Operations Associate or Developer Associate to excel. 

AWS Cloud Developer – Associate 

With the AWS cloud developer associate certification, you can easily validate your expertise in the field of technical work related to the development and steady maintenance of an application. 

Prerequisite For This Certification Course

There are a few requirements for candidates who wish to pursue the AWS developer cloud certification course. Some of them are: 

  • Thorough knowledge of one or more high-level programming languages.
  • Minimum one year of experience in designing and maintaining AWS applications. 
  • Basic understanding of the AWS uses, products, services, and architecture practices. 
  • Excellence in using AWS to develop, design, and deploy any cloud-based solution.  
  • A bare minimum experience in developing and maintaining applications written for various Amazon Services. 
  • You can register for the practice exam with the fees of $20 each. 
  • You will need $150 to register for this examination. 
  • You will have to complete the AWS cloud certification exam within 80 minutes. 

With all this hard work, you will be satisfied with your salary at the end of the month. The average pay for an AWS certified developer is $138,000 (approx). The same goes for the role of SysOps Administrator, but with a higher level of validation and salary prospects. 

Expert Level – AWS Certified Engineer – Professional 

This certification level will help you gain validation and expertise in provisioning, operations, and management of various application systems on AWS platforms. 

Prerequisites of the Course.

  • If you wish to attend this expert level of certification, you will need accreditation from entry-level exams.
  • You must have two or more years of experience in the AWS field of operations, provisions, and cloud security
  • You will need experience in dealing with development codes in at least one high-level programming language. 
  • You must have experience in automation via programming. 
  • You will have to pay examination registration fees of about $300. 
  • You will have to solve the MCQ paper in about 170 minutes. 

These are some of the basic information that you need to go ahead with the course. Make sure you delve deep into the nuances of AWS certification, before taking the plunge.