How to be good at Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject that is feared by some whereas loved by others. I don’t blame people for hating maths because maths is actually hard. But it is also true that good mathematicians are not born , they are made. Anyone can become good in maths but the question is how? How one can be good at maths. The answer to this question is by being consistent. Practice makes a man perfect. So keep practicing and you yourself will see the difference in you.  Do numerous questions on each topic or until you feel confident about the topic. Here in this article we will tell you small but important steps about how to be good at maths.

  1. Break down complex problems
  2. Don’t focus on solving, try to understand the concept
  3. Use step-by-step approach
  4. Always do your homework
  5. Never miss class
  6. Guidance from teacher
  7. Don’t rely on calculators
  8. Always ask questions
  9.  Practice
  10. Avoid distractions
  11. Don’t follow answer oriented approach
  12. Analyze your mistakes
  13. Find a study partner

Let’s discuss all these steps in detail.

  1. Break down complex problems- to get to the core of the problem you have to break down the problem , identify the concept and isolate them. Break the complex problems into simpler ones then attempt at solving them. It will be easier for you to understand the underlying concept.
  • Don’t focus on solving, try to understand the concept- maths is a subject based on concepts. Sequential learning is very important in maths. If you don’t understand one concept then there is no point in moving to another concept as you will not be able to understand. You are going to lose track. Make sure once you have mastered a topic only then you will move onto next. Hence it is quite important to understand the topic instead of just finding an answer.

As with any student, the first thing he does after seeing a question is trying to solve it and getting an answer. In pursuit of getting an answer quickly one might not focus much on concepts which is a recipe for disaster. If you will not be able to understand one topic, you definitely will going to face difficulty in the next one. In order to avoid this situation, start understanding the concepts.

  • Use a step-by-step approach-  solving a problem step-by-step is always best. Also it is the best  approach for learning concepts also. When you solve a problem in this way, there are very less chances for you to make any mistake. Also you will be able to understand the underlying concept fully. Until you have mastered one concept don’t try to move onto the other. As at some point or other you will find it difficult to understand without understanding the prior one.
  • Always do your homework- yes you heard that right, always do your homework. Never think of postponing it or never consider it as a choice. You have to do it. In this way whatever you are taught in class you will be able to understand and have a good grasp over the topic.
  • Never miss classes- yes try not to avoid your classes. If you don’t miss your classes you will have all the guidance provided by your teacher. You will be updated about all the topics that are taken in the class. In this way you will also be able to maintain a good relationship with your teacher. Attending classes regularly is a must.
  • Guidance from the teacher- yes you can take guidance from the teachers when required. For this you must establish a good relationship with your teacher. Whenever your teacher is teaching in the class, make sure you sit attentively and ask questions. It will show your teacher that you care for the class. A teacher would also like to guide you properly.
  • Don’t rely on a calculator- yes using a calculator is not a good practice. Try to avoid using it. A student must understand what a calculator is doing for them. It just gives the results as the data is entered by you. So make sure you don’t rely on it. Instead it’s better if you understand the basics of calculations. For this you can learn the mathematical tricks which makes the calculation in mind quite easier.
  • Always ask questions- yes never shy away from asking questions. It is the best way to clear all your doubts. A good teacher will be happy if you ask questions. It shows how attentively you are listening in class. Questions help us learn better and clear our doubts. Moreover, asking questions is a skill that will help you in the long run.
  • Practice– practice , practice and practice. Yes, practice as much as you can. This is the best way for mastering any subject. And practice is the best way for mastering maths also. Practice will clear all your doubts and will make you a pro. It is the key to master anything, including mathematics.
  1.  Avoid distractions– always study maths in a distraction free environment. Make sure there are no disturbances. Always study with full concentration. You can put some light music in the background in order to concentrate better. Yes music helps in concentrating better. Try this if it works for you.
  1. Don’t follow an answer oriented approach– as a student one always sees a math problem as finding the answer. In order to find it fast one often undermines the concept underlying. If you want to be good at maths, understand the concept first. Don’t go out for answers. You will find an answer to the question if you are following the right approach. You can never go wrong by understanding a concept thoroughly. In this way you will learn about all the basics required.
  1.  Analyze your mistakes– yes it is always a good idea to assess your mistakes and learn from them. Analyzing your mistakes helps you figure out at which point you are wrong. Ask for help from your teacher if required. They would definitely help you in gaining more understanding.
  1. Find a study partner– finding a study partner will help you in getting more knowledge about a subject. Teach your partner whatever you have learnt. In this you will be able to know where you are lacking and also you will be able to revise what you have learned. You will easily know where you have to focus more.


Being good at maths is not a big deal as people have made it. It requires you to take things slow. Yes I agree that to some extent it’s not that easy but it’s not that difficult too. In fact it’s quite simple if you follow a step-by-step approach. Here we listed many points in general that you can follow to get better at mathematics. And never forget practice is the key in mathematics. The more you do it, more better you will be at math.