Five Facts You Never Knew About Alaskan King Bed

Today we are taking a closer look at the King bed, one of the most popular bed models sold today. Although its name may be the same as the queen size, the king bed has evolved in terms of its look and features over the years.

Although the King size bed may be similar to the Queen’s in the sense that both-size bed are king-size, there are quite a few differences to note when you are looking to buy your first King bed.

5 Interesting Facts About Alaskan King Beds

Alaskan King beds have been around for decades, having their roots in a simple wooden frame in the 1950s. Over the years the look of the Alaskan bed has evolved. It is more than just a bed frame, it has evolved into a piece of furniture and it can now be bought in different styles and sizes.

With the recent popularity of the Alaskan bed, we thought that it might be a good idea to share a few interesting facts about this bed so that you could be fully prepared when making the decision to buy a King bed for your home.

Facts About Alaskan King Beds:

1. Made from Maple, Cedar and Redwood Wood

Today we know that King beds can be made from different materials, but not that many people know that Alaskan King beds have been around for years made from wood and have their roots in the 1950’s.

Alaskan beds are still made from wood today, with a wooden frame and posts supporting the head and footboards. There is a bed frame that has been made using wood for several years, which is no longer made in this way.

The headboard is made from pine wood, while the head is made from wood that resembles an oak door panel.

2. The Price of an Alaskan King Bed

One of the reasons that people buy Alaskan King beds is because they are quite inexpensive. The price tag is usually around $1,000 and below. However, that is still much more expensive than the average price of an Alaskan bed of $1,000.

The price of the Alaskan bed depends on the features of the bed. The bed frame itself is cheap, but when it comes to the wooden parts such as the bed rails and footboard, it is the wooden parts that you will be paying for.

3. Alaskan King Beds vs. Other King Size Bed Models

King beds are popular among consumers and we can see why – the look of the Alaskan King bed has changed over the years, making it more than just a simple bed frame. However, this does not make it better or worse than other king size bed models available.

It all comes down to what you like and what you need. We have seen many types of king beds in the past and we can say that they are all pretty good. But if you are looking to purchase a wooden bed frame for a reasonable price, you might just want to check out the Alaskan king bed.

4. Alaskan King Bed Headboard Types

When it comes to Alaskan King bed frames, we have seen different headboard types. The headboard can be made in different ways and it can be attached to the bed frame in different ways. The type of headboard attached to the bed can vary greatly depending on the features of the bed.

It can be a full headboard with the posts covered or a partial headboard with the post exposed. The size of the bed frame, the size of the headboard and the price of the bed frame, including the headboard, will determine how you can pay for the headboard.

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You might find that you can just buy a headboard separately for $600-$1,000. We have seen some King beds with a full headboard and some that have the headboard built into the frame, which means that you are paying for it even before you have bought the rest of the bed frame.

The headboard types that you see in King beds are not just limited to a full headboard or a partial headboard. You can also see headboards that are attached to the bed frame with an L-shape, or a straight headboard.

5. Alaskan King Bed Sizes

We have already discussed the prices of Alaskan King beds. But how does it compare to other types of king size beds available on the market today? Let’s take a closer look at a few of these models and their prices.

Alaska bed comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles. You might see an 8ft bed or a 10ft bed. You might see the Alaskan bed in a straight bed frame or a frame that has the bed supported at both ends.

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