6 Tips to Prevent Dehydrated Eyes

Have you experienced a burning sensation in your eyes that occurs several times a week? 

If yes then you might be suffering from the problem of dried eyes. The problem occurs when there is reduced moisture content in the eyes. 

Many things from your lifestyle habits to medical conditions determine your risk of suffering from dried eyes. The problem of dry eyes is quite common and many people suffer from it. You may not realize it before you see any clear sign of the problem. 

Dry eyes may seem harmless but can take a toll on your visual health. I remember when my sister suffered from the problem she went to the best eye specialist in Karachi complaining about irritation and burning in the eyes. The doctor told her that she was suffering from dehydration in the eyes and this was affecting her vision to a greater extent. 

How to Fight Dehydration in Eyes

I know many among you can relate to this and must be looking for ways that can help you fight dehydration in the eyes. Here are some of the tips that can help you right;

1- Wear suitable eyewear

Eyewear such as glasses or other protective eyewear can help you to prevent your eyes. Wearing these while staying outdoors can prevent dry air from entering your eyes. Further, dry air can also contain allergens or irritating particles that can worsen your dried eyes. So, wearing protective eyewear can help to protect dry eyes. 

2- Drink enough water

Water consumption is necessary for your overall health and not drinking enough water can take a toll on your organ health. This doesn’t keep your eyes an exception so dehydration is bad for your eyes as well. When you don’t drink enough water you are more likely to suffer from insufficient moisture in your eyes. So, one tip that can help with the prevention of dry eyes can be drinking enough water. 

3- Prevent screen damage

One of the reasons behind dehydration in the eyes can be due to the screen. Sitting in front of a screen for extended periods of time as well as using a computer screen at an inappropriate level can be the reason that you have to suffer from the problem. When it comes to screen angle make sure you keep screens at a level lower than eyes as this doesn’t require you to open your eyes wide enough that can cause dry air to enter your eyes. 

Further, whenever you are using screens for a longer period of time ensure that you are taking enough screen breaks after regular intervals. Both of these habits will make you suffer less by keeping your eyes hydrated. 

4- Keep an eye on irritants

The presence of irritants in the surrounding environment can be one reason that can further complicate your dry eyes causing your irritation to go worse. Some of these irritants can be present in your surroundings and add to your existing troubles. So, it is important for you to identify the irritants in your surroundings and take enough care to prevent their entry into your eyes.

5- Use eye drops regularly

Many people who suffer from dry eyes are given eye drops. These eye drops, often named artificial tears, are just there to enhance your eyes’ moisture. Eye drops keep your eyes lubricated keeping dryness at a bay and preventing excessive eye dryness. You may need to use these drops several times a day or as told by your physician. 

6- Keep your air moist

If you further want to prevent dry eyes, you can keep your moisture level in check. If your surrounding environment is dry and lacks enough humidity, then you are more likely to suffer from the problem of dried eyes. For this, you can keep your humidity levels in check especially during winter. A humidifier can be of great help here that you can use pretty well and keep your eyes protected. 

Bottom Line!

Dry eyes is a common eye health problem that can take a toll on your visual health for all the reasons. However, trying several tips can protect your eyes from getting dehydrated. Further, you can consult your physician if you experience persistent dryness and see symptoms getting complicated.

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