How does having bigger/smaller wheels affect the ride?

What are skateboard and longboard wheels?

Skateboard wheels are an important part of your longboard that allows you to move. They also help you decide how fast you can go.  You will definitely find what you like.

When measuring skateboard wheels, you need to pay attention to two main factors. These are the size of the wheel and the stiffness of the wheel, also known as the diameter and hardness tester. Depending on how you like skateboarding and what you are trying to do with your board, you will know which of the different types of skateboarding wheels you need. .. You can also choose a custom building for the wheels that are best suited for your deck, truck or hardware.

The same is true for longboarding development. Imagine how great it is to surf the wind while attending school on board. However, a regular board will take some time.

Therefore, here we will introduce a very special type of longboard. It is a motorized longboard. After many unsuccessful attempts and many dedications, this longboard began to flood the market. What most longboards like about this fun ride is their ability to accelerate the rider’s excitement.

Skateboard wheel size selection

The size of the skateboard wheel affects not only speed, but also spin strength. The diameter range of skateboard wheels is 50-75 mm. If you are looking for a small wheel, the size you need is about 50mm. Also, if you need a larger wheel, you should choose about 70mm. If you’re still wondering which size skateboard is right for you, this is useful information.

Small wheels are suitable for slow vehicles. If you’re a fan of technical skating and street skating, the small wheels are the size you need. The main reason is that the small wheels hang on the ground for easy control of the board. This means that the smaller wheels are suitable for advanced riders.

Large wheels are the right choice for those who want to move faster. Skateboarding is a way of traveling, discreet cruising, or bart skating, so you may need larger wheels. Larger diameters improve speed and balance. Beginners will want to get these wheels for easy practice.

Wheel diameter

As already mentioned, the diameter of a skateboard wheel refers to the size of the wheel. If you look at the product description, this number is displayed in millimeters (mm). And most wheels are in the range of 50-75mm. Keep in mind that height and weight can affect your choice of size wheel. 

Wheel tread

In addition to the size of the wheel, it is also important to consider the tread, which plays an important role in the functioning of the skateboard wheel. The wheel tread is where you actually communicate with the pavement. The larger the skateboard wheel, the larger the communication patch.

So why are communication patches so important? A large tread helps distribute weight over a wider area. It can also reduce the shrinkage of urethane in the wheel, reduce rolling resistance and slow down the wheel.

The size of the tread is affected by the shape of the wheel. Round wheels reduce contact with the pavement. If you have square wheels, they make maximum contact with the pavement. In addition, the placement of the tread can affect the performance of the wheel.

Three main types of skateboard wheels

So I learned how to choose the right skateboard size for my practice. Let’s take a look at the different types of skateboard wheels on the market.

Street skateboard wheel

Some people enjoy skateboarding in the skate park, while others prefer to climb the streets. So what’s the difference between a skatepark and a road wheel? And what do they have in common?

For those who don’t know, skatepark wheels are usually used primarily to ride on very smooth surfaces in skateparks. Street skateboard wheels are also used for skating outside the skatepark, such as gaps, stair sets, or roads around the area.

Longboard skateboard wheels

Longboard skateboard wheels are the largest and softest of the various types of skateboard wheels on the market. Their diameter ranges from 60 mm to 75 mm. If you look at a wheel of this size, it must be a motorized longboard wheel.

In addition, these wheels are the softest wheels you can find. These range from 75a to 85a on a durometer scale. For more information, 85a is soft and 75a is very soft.

The conclusion is

Hopefully you’ve learned useful information about the different types of skateboard wheels on the market. The important thing is to decide how to use your skateboard. That way, you can easily choose the right wheel.

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