7 Elegant Lighting Designs to Embrace If You Love Dark Decor

Not everybody has a thing for loud and vibrant decor and we totally get it. On the other side of the spectrum comes dark decor which conveys the same message effortlessly without being too loud. Dark shades, especially black, have an extraordinary aura and in many ways, they even personify luxury and opulence.

Right from the extensive luxury collection of The White Teak, we bring you 7 different dark lighting fixtures that will blend into your dark decor in any nook and cranny of your living space. From chandeliers to outdoor lights, we have everything picked out for you.

  1. Chandelier – Calm in Chaos – Black is a shade that personifies luxury, and when coupled with gold, it becomes the quintessential form of opulence. 8 black lamp shades over a charming gold foil gilded base is truly a sight to see.
  2. Ceiling light – Social Life – Apart from being black, the highlight of this ceiling light is its high functionality quotient. 4 blacked-out panels with LED strips housed inside, this piece can energize any corner of your home. It comes with dimmable LEDs too.
  3. Wall light – Slate Abate – Not black at all, but completely complements the aesthetics of dark decor. Featuring a round stone veneer shade, this wall light looks extremely elegant and can lend a strong aura to your living space.
  4. Floor lamp – Virtual Reality – Floor lamps can add a stroke of opulence to your space, and this beauty in black does just that. With an unconventional design, this is one of the best pieces in The White Teak’s collection.
  5. Table lamp – Snapshot – Table lamps are usually a much more personal inclusion for your own space, but this is one beauty you can definitely boast around. With a charismatic presence, this becomes a must-buy even if you’re not a massive fan of black.
  6. Outdoor wall light – Naples – Now this one is for the people who want to boast a little elegance outside their homes too. A perfect accent light, this will add a touch of opulence to the entire outdoor look of your home.
  7. Garden light – Lunar – Another addition for your outdoors, this garden deserves all the attention it can get. With an efficient and minimalistic design, Lunar can lend an unmatched aura to your lawn no matter how big or small it is.


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