Most Romantic Places to visit in Goa

A mesmerizing mix with Sea, Sand and Sun, Goa is the most romantic place for honeymoon couples. Numerous couples from across the globe come to Goa to give their new lives a beautiful beginning. It is a place for adventure and romance.

Goa offers a variety of activities that should be on the for honeymooners. The entire experience of Goa is amazing and beautiful. There are a variety of locations to explore in Goa to assist you in enjoying the most beautiful days of your marriage.

  1. Butterfly beach

Also known as Honeymoon Beach, this secluded romantic spot is situated on an island surrounded by lush trees. It is a 2-hour hike up to Butterfly Beach from Palolem, or charter a boat from Agonda and arrive at an unspoilt paradise that lets you enjoy the enchanting air.  If you want to spend quality time while holding your partner’s hand then you should definitely check out Butterfly beach. you can easily find Butterfly beach in Goa holiday packages.
The high trees and tall shrubs draw vibrant butterflies, which enhance the natural beauty! Bring a picnic basket along with a beach towel, and sit back and watch the sunset to create some unforgettable memories.

  1. Aguada Fort

Built-in 1612, Fort Aguada is a picturesque fort located at Sinquerim Beach in Goa. Aguada is a Portuguese word meaning “Watering Place”, and the Portuguese rulers built the fort to provide fresh water to vessels that passed by in the Arabian Sea. As you walk into the fort’s premise, it will be reminiscent of a variety of Bollywood film scenes that were shot here.

A cool, windy day, roaring waves wind that blows through your hair, and your eyes gazing at the sun rising over the Arabian Sea. Fort Aguada is a treat for the eyes.

  1. Goa Velha

Goa’s Velha region is reminiscent of architectural work. The area is filled with colonial and Portuguese churches to visit. The airport is located close. Velha is one of the ideal places to begin your honeymoon adventure. In Velha, make sure to take a trip to Velha’s Archaeological Museum, where you will be in awe of the intricately crafted sculptures dedicated to Christian and Hindu sacred characters. 

You can also go on an excursion on a bicycle and discover one of the romantic locations within Goa, Old Goa, or Velha Goa, and that is only one reason why Goa is an ideal location to plan your honeymoon in Goa.

  1. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is one of the most romantic locations to be found in North Goa for relaxation, renewal, and time with your loved ones. 

The dunes that are covered in scrub add to the beauty of the beach. This makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa for a pre-wedding photography session.

  1. Old Goa

Beautiful streets lined with vibrant old Portuguese style houses, picturesque cobbled alleyways and stunning church buildings, Old Goa is a perfect spot for couples seeking quiet evening walks. 

You can take a break from the lively parties to wander through the picturesque streets and charming towns Old Goa. Explore some churches while you are there, and then enjoy an espresso at one of the delightful cafes that are located here.

  1. Follow the flow Restaurant

The restaurant is located at the point that is where Baga Creek meets the sea. The restaurant is located in a beautiful renovated Portuguese mansion. The stunning sea views from the outdoor seating or on the verandah of the villa it is a perfect spot to enjoy an intimate evening.

With their warm welcome and an exciting menu to choose between, your partner will be in the company of cocktails. There is also the option of booking the candle-lit dinner and fixed menus for 24 hours before.

  1. Estrela Do Mar Beach

Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort is among the most tranquil Beach resorts of Goa to honeymoon. The resort is full of charms, including a peaceful setting, delicious food, various games, and an enthralling area, i.e. the proximity to beaches and bazaars. When you’re looking for Goa top honeymoon destinations, be sure to think about Estrela Do Mar!

  1. Banyan tree

With a charming vibe, With a rustic feel, Banyan Tree should always be the first thing you think of when making plans for a cosy evening with your loved ones. The name comes from the banyan tree that has been in existence for 300 years, which is a prominent feature of the property. It is a jewel in Goa’s Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa, and this restaurant is dazzling in various ways. 

The setting created by the wooden accent and soft lighting, bricked walls, and sophisticated decor create a romantic atmosphere. In terms of food, you can expect to enjoy the best Asian food – some of the best on the market. We have to say! Enjoy the best Thai recipes available.

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