7 Must-Have Tools for Your Nail Kit

Ahhh, our nails… these are some of the smallest areas in the body, but ones that get a great deal of attention. Whether you’re a professional mani-pedi fan or don’t really care for your nails, you should pay attention to them at home. Infections that get into the nailbeds and cuticles can be difficult to heal, especially if you develop a fungal infection. To stop this from happening, you need to build a basic nail kit. The following are essential nail care tools, and you should always have them at home.

Nail trimmers

When we say trimmers, we mean both fingernail trimmers and toenail trimmers. Toenail trimmers are designed for thick nails, and they can be too rough for your fingernails. So, you should have two trimmers in your nail kit. Make sure to purchase quality and sharp trimmers. Dull trimmers will bend your nails and not trim them properly. For good results, you should use good nail trimmers.

Nail filer

After trimming the nails, their edges are not smooth. In comes the nail filer; to prevent snagging and to shape your nails, you need to file them. So, you should add a quality filer to your home nail kit. When using the filer, you should only file the nails in one direction; a back-and-forth motion will weaken nails, so here’s another tip for you.

Nail buffer

The tips of your nails need a filer, and the top layer of your nails needs a buffer. A pro-buffer will smooth the top layer, give it a shine, and make the nails more pliable. You should buff your nails about once a week, or twice a month. Like with the filer, only buff the nails in one direction. If you wear false nails or wear nail polish often, you should buff your nail more than twice a month. This simple routine will remove glue and stains from your nails, and will also revive them.

Nail brush

Another essential nail kit tool; a small nailbrush helps remove debris from nails, give them an extra buff, and shine them. It is a handy, small, and very effective nail care tool, and you should have one in your kit.

Cuticle cream and nail cream

Your cuticles and nails need nourishment; when the nails get the vitamins, minerals, and oils that they need – the results are amazing; they become stronger, healthier, and more vital. Applying a quality cuticle conditioner can make all the difference. One product that stands out in this area is the TrySprig cuticle conditioner. It contains everything your nails need, and it is cruelty-free, all-natural, and dermatologically approved. Also, you get a buffer and a filer with the cream, so it’s even better.

Professional grade alcohol

One other product that should be in your nail kit is alcohol (70%). If you have ever gone to a nail salon, you know that no treatment is complete without alcohol. You can soak in a cotton pad and dab your nails. It will clean them and prepare them for nail polish and other products. If you do not want to use alcohol, you can use tea tree oil. It is a natural cleaner and disinfectant, so it will thoroughly clean your nails. Put a few drops of the oil in warm water, mix and apply it with a cotton pad.

Bottom line

You can easily make a great at-home nail kit with a few essential tools. To get the best results and to keep infections at bay, do not let others use your kit. Also, clean tools after use and disinfect them from time to time. Your nails will thank you, and they will look better than ever.

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