Find Mugshots Online with This Handy Tool

A third of Americans have a criminal record, as of 2022. This means that every third person that you meet likely has a criminal past. While it is not always important what happened in people’s past, sometimes it is valuable to find it out; for instance, if you met someone in an online dating app, it is crucial to know if they have a criminal history. How can you find mugshots? Here is the answer.

Why should I search mugshots?

The example we gave is only one of the cases where you should search mugshots. These photos are a facial representation of people who have been arrested. They allow law enforcement agencies to distinguish between arrestees, which is important in cases where people have the same name.

These photos also help people discover who has a criminal past. So, by finding mugshots, you can discover if someone that you know has a criminal past.

Many use the service to discover more about people’s past; from neighbors to potential love interests, to business partners. So, you can find arrest photos, and discover who has a criminal past, and for which crimes.

How to find mugshots

Arrest photos are taken by arresting authorities, such as sheriff’s offices and police departments. So, you can contact these authorities to get access to arrest records. You can do so by going to the authorities and filing a request in person. There are also online law enforcement websites that you can go on to find arrest records. When searching for such records, you need to go to the official websites of the arresting agencies.

Online mugshot search with GoLookUp

Another way to find mugshots online is by using a public records search directory, such as GoLookUp. This website is one of the biggest resources for public records, and it is licensed and credible. To perform the search, you need to provide the first name, last name and the state in which the person in question lives.

Based on these details, the directory will begin to scan millions of public records, in search of relevant mugshots. At the end of the query, you will receive an online report that includes comprehensive data about the said person. Among these details are mugshots (if the person in question was indeed arrested).

There are cases in which you will not find mugshots. The reasons can vary, and the most common ones are:

  1. The person was never arrested
  2. The records are sealed/expunged
  3. The records are juvenile records, and therefore are unavailable to the public
  4. You have misspelled the name of the person

In case you do not know how to spell the name of the person or think you may have misspelled it, you can use other services that GoLookUp provides: a reverse phone number search, a reverse email search, or a reverse address search.

In either case, you can receive a public records search report. The mugshots will help you to discover if someone has a criminal past, and for what reasons.

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