Buy Digital Currency with Credit Card; An Advancement in Payment Ways

Digital Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is privatized and decentralized form of currency that is independent of any external influence of government or regulatory bodies. Bitcoin, the trendsetter, appeared amid concerns about the stability of the worldwide financial sector during the 2009 financial crisis. However, it quickly gained attention among fears of political instability and debt concerns, governments were facing. Presently, there are more than 10,000 Crypto Online Exchange valued at $3 trillion. 

The worth will tend to increase as the exchanges have now enabled customers to buy digital currency with a credit card. Cryptocurrency is based on a cryptographic algorithm allowing peer-to-peer transactions by exchanges. The transactions and data are recorded on a public ledger that is backed by blockchain technology. Furthermore, unlike cash money, cryptocurrencies do not require transaction confirmation by any bank or central authority. 

Buy Digital Currency with Credit Card

There are numerous ways to buy cryptocurrencies including with a credit card and fiat currency. But not all tokens are available in the market for such purchases also, however, some exchanges have somehow managed to overcome this situation by allowing crypto buying with a credit card. Alongside, they charge fees for the transaction but they are for the good cause ultimately providing security to clients. Cryptocurrency, as the name implies is a kind of currency, considered as such by banks and card issuers. Furthermore, digital currency buying with digital means has made it easier for the investors because they readily get the coin in their respective wallets. It minimized the hassle so far caused by wire transfers. Another potency is that the coins can later be exchanged into fiats which can be withdrawn from any ATM by using the card. 

How to Buy Crypto Tokens with Credit Card

Exchanges are the platforms that are massively shifting to this very method of payment to ease the investing for the customers. Moreover, the process is made simple where clients are guided by a step-by-step technique along with identity verification. And with a credit card, not only Bitcoin but other tokens can also be purchased and sent directly to the wallets without the unnecessary waiting. 

  1. Sign up by providing initial information and creating an account.
  1. Add the funds to the bank account.
  1. Look for the desired coins and select purchase.
  1. Select credit cards from payment methods.
  1. Complete the verification process by attaching the asked documents.
  1. Complete the purchase by adding the wallet address.

Crypto Trade Patterns 

The majority of the traders pick out opportunities by using a technical combination of indicators that analyze momentum with stats so far represented. Also, traders study the crypto trade patterns to understand the market sentiments and make investments accordingly. These patterns are the charts with prices shown on them whose movement might be random at first but tend to change over time. Furthermore, the charts are built using lines that represent the highs and lows in crypto values. 

Price Channels

Price channels are the areas of support and resistance for the crypto values where they bounce between the ascending, descending, and horizontal lines. These lines connect the highs and lows.

Head and Shoulders

A relatively more advanced chart pattern, head, and shoulders are characterized by temporary high or low. Not just this, the patterns are further followed by two more waves, a bigger one and then an equivalent to the first one. These ultimately take the shape of a head and shoulders with a bullish and bearish reversal pattern. The middle peak is larger whereas the ones at both sides are smaller. The mechanism is that the price rises and falls back to the same level and again rises to a higher level declining back to the original base. 


This trend shows the breaking out or breaking down of the price by creating horizontally lined triangles connecting highs and lows. 

Ascending Triangles

Ascending triangles signify the continuation of an uptrend through bullish patterns. The representation of the chart is like placing the horizontal line along with the high swing – resistance, and the line coming along the low swings acts as the support. Hence, the value retains upwardness while breaking through the resistance.

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Descending Triangles

Similar to ascending, descending triangles also represent the continuation with the only difference that this is of the bearish type. Furthermore, it is created when the value experiences a downtrend.

Symmetrical Triangles

These patterns are created by two converging lines showing a continuation that can either be bullish or bearish relying on the value. In most digital crypto money cases, these trends show that the currency will continue to be in the same direction. For instance, ether emerged rapidly in the top ranking and has stayed stagnant up till now. 

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