The Best IB Math Study Materials You Can Use This Year

While there may be fewer resources available for IB Maths compared to other programs like AP Mathematics or the ACT exam, there are still plenty of high-quality resources to be found online. However, it is important to note that the IB Math curriculum was updated in 2021 as part of the program’s 7-year approach to keeping their academics in line with needs. With that in mind, there are no past papers available that align with the new curriculum so you’ll have to make do with a sampling from recent years. Here are some of the best resources we could find the new year.

Past Papers

Studying past papers is an invaluable way to practice real exam questions. Even though the content may not align with the new curriculum exactly, it should be similar. You can use the new standards to filter out appropriate questions on past papers. This is one of the most effective study tools because it provides experience with the style and format of real exam questions.

They can help you:

  • Focus on Common Themes
  • Practice Exam-Style Questions
  • Develop Time Management Skills for Test Taking
  • Get Comfortable Sitting for Exams
  • Reduce Test-Taking Anxiety

IBO Math SL Past Paper

Past papers released by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) are free and official. This paper contains five questions, each containing multiple parts. While this paper is for the Analysis & Approaches SL course, it can be helpful for students in other sections to get a look at an official exam format.

Revision Village Past Papers

Revision Village is the leading resource for IB Mathematics in 2021 and 2022. This one-stop-shop resource has access to question banks, practice exams, past papers, and more. You’ll be able to study past papers with supplemental video explanations to help you master key concepts and ace your IB Math exams.

Study Guides & Videos

Finding resources that can help you master your weaknesses is something that every student needs a little help with. Detailed study guides and explainer videos are the best way to get a little extra instructional time in on complex topics without shelling out money for private tutoring. You can practice all the questions that you want, but if you don’t master the concepts then you will still fall short on your exam performance.

IB Maths Resources 

One of the most comprehensive resources for video tutorials and exploration guides is the Intermathematics website. Students in all levels can find comprehensive instructional materials on the concepts they need help with. Try starting with their detailed lecture notes and cost-effective exploration guides that walk you through a variety of key concepts.

Final Thoughts on IB Math Study Materials

There is no shortage of high-quality study materials available for students who are interested in achieving success. The fact is that many students simply underestimate the time commitment required to master mathematics and they try to shortcut learning, often unsuccessfully, which sets them up for years of low achievement. Get started off on the right foot with these great study resources for your IB Math achievement.

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