Now fix the problem of Gmail not working on your iPhone

Gmail is the most popular email service utilised by people across the globe and this particular service has been developed by Google which makes it the most popular among people. Gmail has ample kinds of multiple and efficient functions which give a great boost to the functionality of the people because it has been perfectly designed for a comfortable experience of the users. Gmail is also compatible with several kinds of operating systems including the Windows, iOS, android and various other options which make it very much usable. However several times the Gmail stops working on the iPhone and people face the problem of Gmail not working on iPhone. Following are the very basic causes of the Gmail not working on iPhone:

There will be an existing synchronization problem which causes Gmail does not work on iPhone.
There might be in completion of the set up of Gmail account.
There might be poor or no internet connection.
There might be tempered internet settings.
There might be Google straightaway blocks the account that risks the security.
There might be the issue of firewall causing the problems by blocking the Gmail activities.

Following on the most important solutions which the people need to follow in the cases of Gmail not working so that they are able to get rid of this issue very easily:

People need to authenticate their account: For this purpose one has to go with the option of opening the Gmail application on the iPhone via chrome or any other browser so that they can enter into the account with correct credentials. In case the Google has blocked the account then people will receive an alert which can perfectly be used to authenticate the account securely.
People need to check security check on the account: If the account is signed in to several other kinds of devices and it can lead to security threats if perceived by Google and if the Gmail has stopped working on the iPhone then people need to tap the email application to open it and then click on the profile by visiting the settings page. After this people will find multiple options along with the security options which will require the people to perform a full security check up and then complete it. After this people need to click on the next window on the screen that will help in displaying multiple parameters of the security that will be solvable and will ensure that people will be able to get rid of the issues.
People need to reset Gmail account: The Google has also introduced the concept of CAPTCHA which is based upon security system and with the help of this concept people can very easily reset the pages and then click on the continue button so that they can login to the account with the help of correct username and password. Following the on-screen instructions is vital in this process successfully reset Gmail account.
People can go with the option of using IMAP accessibility on iPhone: This is the abbreviation for Internet Message Access Protocol which is the technology used by email service providers to deliver the emails. To use this people need to open the Gmail on laptop or desktop browser and then by entering the credentials they need to click on the settings by clicking top right corner symbol. After this people need to forward the IMAP segment and enable the protocol.
People can reset the Gmail account: If still by following the above-mentioned points Gmail is not working then people can go with the option to reset Gmail account which has to be done by going to the settings option of the iPhone and then locating the option of password accounts and then selecting Gmail. After this people need to identify the account in the app on the delete button and once the account will be deleted the iPhone will go back to the settings then password and account so that people can choose the option of adding a new account with credentials so that overall goals are efficiently achieved.

The above-mentioned solutions are perfect in terms of solving the problem of Gmail not working on iPhone so that people are able to deal with such issues perfectly and none of the activities are hampered.

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