Here’s Why Everyone Is Going Crazy For Hexagonal Boxes- 6 Amazing Facts

Hexagon packaging amuse the audience and customers

People are bored by the traditional square and rectangular packaging, and they need to see something untraditional and innovative. So, the packaging engineers introduced a few uncommon shapes that would add a twist of uniqueness to the packaging. One of the unique packaging shapes used these days are hexagon. The wonderful fact about hexagon boxes is that they are affordable and cheap in price as compared to other options that include the high cost of printing and upgrading the packaging.

It is also observed that the big brands use these boxes as an upgraded packaging of their products. However, there is no restriction on packing anything or any product inside the hexagonal packaging. Most of the bakeries use hexagon boxes for their confectioneries and sweets to attract customers. Here are a few amazing facts that make the brands crazy about the hexagonal packaging solutions.

Six corners adorable packaging construction

First of all, the look of the box is a bit different as this box has six corners and strong construction. So, the element of innovation is there in hexagon boxes, and this factor makes it distinctive even at the time of presentation of the products. And this unique factor is cashable for the brands that enhance their product sale with this little twist. It is all about understanding the worth of the custom options that create your packaging in a way it would serve your brand as a marketing tool. In the retail market, the product sale depends on the beauty and attraction of the product. Most of the research demonstrates that the brands need to create such expression of their products that attracts the impulse buying behavior of the customers. In this way, such brands get more sales. And the hexagon packaging help to do so.

Available in limitless designs and color themes

The shape is not the only way to attract more and more customers; you need to do something additional to make the packaging luxurious and eye-catching. So, the good news is that hexagon packaging is available with custom options. These options allow the brands to use their creativity and artistic sense and make the outlook of the box specific to their brands by using brand-specific themes and designs on the boxes. It is also the wish of the brand to print their information according to their style on the custom hexagon boxes. When the shape is added with amazing designs, then the final look of the packaging is able to attract the mobs of customers.

3D and 2D printing make the hexagon boxes more appealing

If you think that the change in shape would work more efficiently when the latest printing technologies are applied to the boxes, then you have several options. Yes, the customization also allows the customers to print the 2D and 3D shapes, icons, and symbols to make the boxes remarkable. However, these sort of printings attracts children and are widely used on toy boxes. Various types of cartoon characters and real-life heroes are printed in 2D and 3D form on the hexagon boxes. These printing options make the packaging more appealing.

Add versatile through two-piece construction

The packaging, when constructed with all unique options, would be able to impress the audience. So, the packaging makers also allow the brands to choose the type and style of the box as per their needs. As the custom, hexagon boxes are available for the customer in the two-piece form in which the lid and box are separately constructed, and the one-piece construction is also available in which the lid and box are constructed in one form. It totally depends on the customer what type of box they require for the encapsulation of their product.  

Accessible in various cardstock materials

Another benefit of selecting the hexagonal packaging with a custom option is that you can also select the material type freely. It means if you need a robust packaging solution for the shipment of your products, then you can make your packaging in corrugation material. Wise versa to this high-quality printable cardboard is available for retail boxes that need adorable printing. So, you can make your hexagon packaging in any material according to its usability. Another material that is used by brands that need to go green is the Kraft material. Basically, the Kraft material is recyclable as it is made by using wood pulp, and the paper is dissolvable in water. So, these packaging materials are available for hexagonal boxes. However, the quality of material matters a lot; if the material is not of good quality, then the box does not look impressive, and all the cost would be turned into a loss. 

Add-on make the custom hexagon boxes more adorable

When all the crucial and basic decisions about packaging are made, then there is only one thing left, and that is finishing options. No doubt all boxes need something to make the final look unforgettable. So, the packaging makers also offer various sort add-ons and detailing to make the packaging mesmerizing. Such options include:

  • Foil stamping for the logos and symbols
  • Embossing effect to make the written text noticeable
  • Laminations that add shine to the packaging surface
  • Glossy effect and matte effect as customers need
  • Inserts with personalized messages

All these options add more value to the hexagon boxes and make the viewers pleased to buy the product. However, the selection of these options totally depends on the customers. If they want to glorify their packaging solutions, then these options would assist them.

Conclusion of the discussed facts

All the above facts about custom boxes showcase that the customers would attract by the unique packaging: that is the reason the brands require these packaging solutions for their products. However, if they require high-quality packaging with quantity discounts, then they should go for the hexagon packaging wholesale.

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