All you need to know about Rum

Rum lies in the great history of America, especially during colonial times. It was used both in trading as well as getting wasted. When the country was developing, rum was in great hype as whisky has not made such an impact. Nowadays, rum is crafted in many other parts of the world. This gives a great job to the traditional rum makers and never miss to the sale. It has a great influence all around the world. Rum Cocktails are at a peak of popularity such as Mojito and Pina Colada.
What is Rum?
Rum is a liquor that is distilled from sugarcane. Either it is from pure sugarcane or syrup. The mixture is fermented and then aged in wood barrels for producing a sweet taste and a heavenly spirit. The climate and the soil also have a great impact on the taste. In vast production, rum distillers use molasses to produce rum, which is considered to be one of the easiest methods ever. It is in the hands of distillers that they want to put out an unaged product or they can pump them directly into the barrels. The time spent cannot be stated properly because sometimes it takes to get it done and sometimes it can take twenty or thirty years too.
Origin of Rum
Tropical climates are the reason for the production of sugarcane. Most of the sugarcanes grew in Caribbean Islands during the late 17th century. From there it is transported to Europe in the most refined way. This way it gained popularity all around Europe and especially in New England. It was that time when rum was easily available and was at cheaper rates than today’s date. Rum continues to be one of the popular spirits like whisky even after other spirits were discovered over the period of time .
Types of Rum
There are number of classifications that you think as today it has more popularity and is widely sold out.

  1. White Rum– It is usually white as if at it is clear and generally for mixing cocktails. It is much lighter than other type of rum which are concentrated more. They are aged in stainless steel barrels or aged in wood barrels. The mixing of mocktails include mojito, Cuba libra, pina coladas.
  2. Gold Rum– As the rum ages in wood, it takes the color of gold, making it more favourable. This type of rum usually takes several years to get aged. It is enjoyed if consumed neat or on the rocks. Some bakers also use it in bakery too.
  3. Dark Rum– You might be thinking that dark rum means the one that is darker in shade. But actually, dark rum varies from golden to brown tone. This rum is aged in oak barrels and is used in making bourbon. It is much stronger than white rum. The impact of this rum varies in the formation and the method used to make it.

No matter what you like the most, try experimenting different types of rum in order to enjoy life and have fun.

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