Daniel Klibanoff – How Can You Boost ROI With Your Direct Marketing Campaigns?

Direct marketing campaigns should reach out to the targeted audience with the right message. The major channels for direct marketing campaigns are emails, social media, and text messages. Your business message should be short and powerful with a strong call to action. However, not all business owners can get their marketing strategies right due to a lack of awareness on how to increase conversions to generate the desired ROI for their business.  

Daniel Klibanoff is an entrepreneur from Asheville, North Carolina, and a specialist in direct marketing. He has over 38 years of valuable experience in data and marketing solutions and is the owner of several large data companies in the region. Today, his companies generate millions of dollars in revenue, and they have established names in the field of direct marketing today.

In 1982, he started his entrepreneurial journey with just $500 for his first data company, and over the years, it grew to become a prominent name in the region. His clients included top names like AARP, Chase Manhattan Bank, BlueCross Blue Shield, and many more. Currently, he is the President and CEO of Multimedia Lists Inc, an esteemed name in multi-channel and data solutions to advertisers across the globe. 

Boosting lead conversions for your marketing campaigns 

In his opinion, increasing lead conversions for your marketing campaigns is not a mammoth task if you do it properly. No matter how big or small your company may be, the correct ways will ensure you get more lead conversions faster. 

Your website is a key marketing tool for your business, so you need to assess it carefully to ensure it is professional-looking with the right content and visuals. Your marketing message will lead customers to your site to make the purchase, so ensure it is not flooded with pop-up ads, or else your visitor will become annoyed and leave the site. You can place pop-up ads on your site but ensure they are not too frequent to increase your site’s bounce rates. 

How can you attract your customer for conversions?

Two powerful ways for you to attract your customer for conversions is to-

  1. Offer free samples or trials.
  2. Provide the customer with attractive discounts. 

Every customer loves a good deal, and both of the above methods ensure your customers get an amazing opportunity to test your products and save some money on the purchase price as well. You must identify the right targeted audience who would be interested in your products/service to offer them free samples/trials or attractive discounts. According to Daniel Klibanoff, an effective way for you to make your marketing campaigns a success is to divide your targeted audience into small groups based on location, gender, interests, buying patterns, etc. When you narrow down your customer base, you are able to create the right business message for the group. Ensure your CTA is strong enough for your customers to take the desired action, and in the process, boost the ROI for your business with success!

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