Bruce Weber Photographer Provides Valuable Insights into Fashion Photography Editorials

An editorial in photography refers to a set of images that tell a story. Such images usually accompany a particular piece of text in a magazine. As opposed to typical commercial photos, editorials are all about storytelling. Hence, editorial photographers enjoy greater freedom during photo shoots as opposed to commercial photographers. Most reputed names in the domain of fashion photography, such as Bruce Weber Photographer, have a good amount of experience in capturing incredible fashion editorial images.

Fashion editorials tend to feature a series of six to eight fashion photographs that is based on a certain theme, and intended for publication in a fashion magazine.  In most cases, the editorial has a consistent theme throughout. The theme can be girls in short hairstyle wearing neon colored dresses, an outdoor shoot with models wearing mostly denim based outfits, and so on. Photographers may even work on beauty editorials where primarily close up shots are needed. The magazine publication would let the photographer know of the theme in advance. Hence, the photographer must try their best to search for the theme to get ideas that can make the editorial more appealing.

During the shoot of a fashion editorial, the photographer must expect to click pictures of around five or six different looks. This look can involve a change of the entire outfit, or just a part of the clothing, hair, makeup or accessories.  While working with a publication for the first time, photographers must research the type of clothing that is generally featured in the magazine, including the diverse styles, brands and designers.

Fashion editorials are more about selling a lifestyle or showcasing a theme, rather than selling the outfits. In contrast to commercial fashion photos, editorial images majorly put emphasis on the overall style and atmosphere, rather than the garments. In fact, outfits are used as a tool in these images to put emphasis on a certain lifestyle.

Bruce Weber Photographer has worked on a number of fashion editorials in his long career. Since the 1990s itself, Bruce has been to be a prominent contributor to magazines at the very highest levels of the industry.  He has photographed a number of prominent personalities for Anna Wintour at Vogue, including Nelson Mandela with David Bowie and Iman in South Africa. He has even clicked pictures of Dakota Fanning and Natalia Vodianova with a live bear in the lobby of the Chateau Marmont. His portraits of Sam Shepard, Carolyn Bessette, Balthus, and several others from Hollywood and beyond have filled the pages Vanity Fair.

 Bruce’s editorial work became a regular feature in many leading magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Life. Ralph Lauren hired him after the very first meeting, and ending up having photos clicked by him in a 12-page campaign spread. Around the same time, Bruce was booked to do a men’s jeans shoot for Calvin Klein by an editor at Vogue and Glamour.

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